IIS-CED Workshop 2004

From the 17. - 18. June 2004 the 12th workshop of the International Isotope Society – Central European Division (IIS-CED) took place in Bad Soden, Germany.

This event was for the first time organised by Jens Atzrodt and Volker Derdau (Aventis Radiosynthesis Center). 120 participants from 70 companies, universities and research centres (13 countries represented) convened to discuss the newest trends and applications regarding the synthesis and application of isotopically labelled compounds.

In eight sessions the following topics were discussed:
  1. synthesis of small building blocks and 14C-isotopically labelled compounds,
  2. new concepts and technologies for the labelling with isotopes,
  3. labelling with deuterium and tritium,
  4. synthesis and use of short lived isotopes,
  5. safety and regulatory affairs.
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