Current IIS-CED Workshop

Dear Colleagues,

the organising committee is pleased to inform you that the 24th Workshop of the IIS-CED at Bad Soden will be held on September 19-20, 2019.

The workshop will continue to cover the synthesis and applications of isotopes and isotopically labelled compounds. New methods in synthetic organic chemistry relevant to isotopic labelling, applications of compounds labelled with radionuclides and stable isotopes, PET chemistry, new trends in analytical techniques, radioactive material’s storage management and waste disposal will be in the focus of the meeting.

Additionally we would like to address the possibility to present new trends, technologies and developments in our field of interest at the industrial exhibition of the workshop.

Best regards to you all,
the organising committee

Ralf Kiesling, Dieter Muri, Thorsten Poethko, Dietrich Seidel
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