Mission and vision of the IIS-CED e.V.

In the twenty years of existence, the International Isotope Society (IIS) has proven that it is indeed a truly international organization and independent from any special interests, groups or companies, makers or users of isotopes. This guiding principle together with the enthusiastic and mostly voluntary work of its members have been the key factor in the success of the IIS. The Journal of Labeled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals became the official journal of the Society after 1986. The IIS Newsletter and the IIS Website have also established themselves as a conduit of information among its members.

The mission and principle aims of the IIS, founded in 1985 in Kansas City, USA, are to encourage, through its membership, the advancement in knowledge of the synthesis, measurement and applications of isotopes and isotopically labeled compounds through the effective promotion of awareness and actions on key issues by providing a communications network and forum throughout the scientific community. In the meantime the IIS has eight divisions located in USA, Canada, Europe and China with over 400 members.
The Central European Division of the IIS (IIS-CED e.V.) has received the status of a legally registered, non-profit organization according to the german law. The annual CED-Meeting always takes place in Bad Soden near Frankfurt with about 100 participants from industry, universities and research institutes working in isotope relevant fields. The language of the CED-Meetings is english because the attendees are coming from all over the world.

The vision of the IIS-CED e.V. for the future is to create a scientific platform for all people in Europe who are interested in isotope related questions like the synthesis and measurement of stable labeled compounds, radioactive labeled compounds with long- and short-lived isotopes and the applications of these isotope products in biological and medicinal sciences. If you are interested, we are cordially inviting you to join the IIS-CED e.V. by contacting the president or his secretary.